"brit award speeches news"The BRIT Awards, honouring the best in the British music industry, are known for being one of the most controversial awards ceremonies on the circuit and thanks in no small part to the copious amounts of alcohol on hand for guests and nominees it comes as no surprise that once again some of the speeches on the night led to headlines in the press the next day.

British rockers the Arctic Monkeys were big winners on the night picking up the award not only for Best British Album but also the award for the Best British Group. The band are known for their legions of loyal fans but even some of them were left slightly confused by the acceptance speech from front man Alex Turner with some even remarking that the usually humble singer came across as somewhat arrogant during his speech.

The fifth album from the Arctic Monkeys, AM, took the gong for best British Album but a slightly worse for wear looking Alex Turner took to the stage and made a speech that may have left him feeling a little red faced if he watches it back in the cold light of day!

When he got up on to the stage to receive the award Alex turner began by saying. ““That rock and roll, eh? That rock and roll, it just won’t go away. It might hibernate from time to time, sink back into the swamp.”

He continued: “I think the cyclical nature of the universe in which it exists demands that acquiesce to some of its rules. But it’s always waiting there, just around the corner, ready to make its way back through the sludge and smash through the glass ceiling, looking better than ever.”

Alex turner finally finished off by saying: “Yeah, that rock and roll, it seems like it’s faded away sometimes, but it will never die. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Fans immediately took to Twitter to air their thoughts about the speech with many calling Alex Turner an “idiot” and “arrogant”.

Another speech that hit the headlines following the ceremony was that from David Bowie who won the award for British Male Solo Artist.

The singer, known for his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, won the same award some 30 years ago but was not present at the ceremony to pick up the award himself.  Instead international supermodel Kate Moss took to the stage on behalf of David Bowie and read out a speech he had prepared earlier for the event which included not only a thank you but also a quick political message.

Kate Moss, who was wearing an original Ziggy Stardust stage outfit from 1972 read: “”In Japanese myth the rabbits from my old costume which Kate is wearing live on the moon. Kate comes Venus and I from Mars.

“I’m completely delighted to have a Brit for being the Best Male but I am, aren’t I Kate? I think it’s a great way to end the day, thank you very, very much,” she said and then added: “And Scotland, stay with us.”

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