"jennifer garner speech news"When you are a world famous actress you are not expected to get nervous giving a speech but it turns out that it can happen to everyone with Jennifer Garner turning to her seven year old daughter for advice for beating speech making nerves.

The actress, known fro her role in Dallas Buyers Club, was giving a speech at the New York City hotel at the first ever Save the Children benefit where the audience included former secretary of state Hilary Clinton.

With such a prestigious audience for her speech it was hardly surprising that Jennifer Garner felt nervous about being the centre of attention and she revealed during the start of the speech that it was her daughter Violet who helped her to calm her nerves before the event.

According to Vanity Fair, Jennifer Garner started her speech by letting the crowd know about her nerves and how she hoped to get over them by following daughter Violets advice: “I told my daughter Violet that I was a little nervous to speak in front of a crowd like this, and she gave me a great piece of advice, which was: to imagine that you are all our dogs, Martha Stewart and Gandhi, and to imagine you’re all wagging your tails, waiting for a treat, and the treat is my speech!”

Jennifer made the speech very personal to her and her family which demostrated her dedicated to the charity and the work that it does.

She said: “I’m here tonight to accept this award on behalf of my parents, who are here.  My mother, who’s mother, Violet, crossed the country in a covered wagon, married at 14, raised her nine kids in a one-room house in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, in the height of the dust-bowl Depression. My father, who along with his brother and sisters, was raised by a widowed mother on a string and a prayer in Baytown, Texas. They both credit their success to their educations. They were the only ones in their families to graduate from college, and they credit their ability to get that education, and be successful in getting that education, to the thoughtful intervention of people outside their families. Neighbors who lent them books, teachers who believed in and pushed them, boy-scout leaders, and the members of the United Methodist Church.”

And she finished her speech explaining why she had chosen this event to bring out her young daughter into the limelight: “My husband and I have never taken our kids to a public event before, but I brought my daughter Violet, because just as I was inspired by my parents, their stories and their quiet acts of service as I grew up, I want her to see the passionate commitment Mark Shriver and Hillary Clinton have to make the world a better place for everyone.

“A while ago I said to my seven-year-old, Do you want to go and take a break and run around in the lobby? And she said, No, Mom. The speeches are really great. I want to hear everything.”

A great speech has the power to captivate thee most diverse of crowds and sometimes all you need is a little support or a quick trick to beat those speech making nerves.

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