"Jacqueline bisset speech news"It is awards season again and there is always one speech each year that draws the attention of the media and the audiences watching worldwide, and this year it was the acceptance speech given by actress Jacqueline Bisset.

Jacqueline Bisset seemed genuinely surprised when her name was called out as the winner of the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show, Miniseries or TV Movie for her role in the BBC drama Dancing on the Edge and this could go some way in describing her rather strange speech that left most of the audience stunned.

While everyone is talking about the Jacqueline Bisset acceptance speech it is certainly not for the right reasons and it is easy to see why.

Firstly Jacqueline Bisset took around a minute to actually even make it onto the stage and when she did finally get there her speech was fumbled and included many awkward pauses and references.

She began her speech with: “God. Um, I think it was 47 years ago that the Hollywood Foreign Press gave me, promising, a nomination for the Holl-uh, Promising Newcomer! Thank you very much, Hollywood Foreign Press. I’m absolutely shaken. I can’t believe this. God knows you’ve nominated me about five times I think, anyway.”

She continued: “ OK! Scottish background to the front! OK! Um, I always wanted to do something for the BBC. And we did this. And this was great. Chiwetel, where are you? Can I see Chiwetel? I need him for inspiration. Where is he? OK. We had a good cast, didn’t we? It was great. Starz thank you for putting this on and, uh, thank you to my British agent, Steve Kenis, and my American agent, Harry Abrams.”

At this point the music began as a signal for her to wrap up her speech and to leave the stage but she was not put off by this and continued: “I…I’m sorry, I’m going to get this together! I want to thank the people who’ve given me joy and there have been many! The people who’ve given me shit, I say, like my mother, what did she say? She used to say, “Go to hell and don’t come back.” However, however, however, my mother was not entirely me. I believe if you want to look good, you’ve got to forgive everybody. You have to forgive everybody. It’s the best beauty treatment. Forgiveness for yourself and for the others.”

Jacqueline Bisset finally concluded with: “I love my friends, I love my family, and you’re so kind! Thank you so much! Thank you!”

It may seem contrived to have an acceptance speech prepared when you don’t even know if you have won, however this goes to prove that sometimes it is essential to prepare at least something if you want to make a good impression with your speech.


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