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Everyone is looking to be able to make a speech that lasts in the minds of the audience forever but nobody is looking to make a speech that lasts in the minds of the worlds press forever for all the wrong reasons and Senator Richard Blumenthal has become exceptional famous for a speech just like this!

US politician Richard Blumenthal was trying to make a point about train and railway safety when his words were drowned out and his point was made without the need to complete his speech as he was almost hit by a train himself.

The embarrassing speech took place at Milford Metro North station while Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut was talking about the safety violations that had been made by the MTA over the past 10 years.

His valid point about the safety violations over the past decade which totalled a massive $552,000 dollars in fines alone was over shadowed slightly by an enormous train as it whistled through the station where he was making his presentation.

Just at the point where Senetor Richard Blumenthal says “Safety, as you know, is paramount” an Amtak train came through the station where the speech was being made and was travelling so fast that it caused the politician to stumble while the chart that was next to him almost fell over.

The video of the incident has become a fast hit on YouTube with many tuning in to watch the ill fated speech by the politician who has since declined to comment on the incident.

However, it appears that there is no such thing as bad publicity because the video and the speech has now been viewed by thousands more people than would have potentially sen the speech if it has passed without incident.

The Senator was drawing attention to the fact that the Metro North has a level of safety defects five times higher than any other commuter railway line in the country although a spokesman from Metro North has said earlier in the month that the railways generally does better in inspections at a federal level than most others.

Making a speech in an unlikely location can help to draw attention to your content especially if it is relevant to the theme of the speech or can help to illustrate it to the audience effectively but caution does always need to be taken to ensure the safety of yourself and your audience when venturing out of the theatre and into the big wide world to make your speech not to forget – for all the right reasons!

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