“Committed to helping others become better public speakers and overcome public speaking fear, our goal is to empower individuals to achieve success in their personal and professional lives so they can feel confident knowing how to speak in public.”

The-Chinese-University-of-Hong-Kong-300x201Developed in 1999, IMproSolutions™ will give you the tools and knowledge you need to overcome your fear of public speaking and make a persuasive speech. We realize that stage fright and making a speech is the number one fear among adults and we are here to help! Headquartered in Hollywood, CA, the company was founded by 3 time Emmy nominee and public speaking expert Scott Topper. With over two decades of public speaking, improv, and acting experience, Mr. Topper will walk you through the basics of improvising and public speaking with this Interactive home study public speaking confidence program. You’ll discover how to give a speech with our step-by-step secrets that will improve your public speaking skills and begin your path to confident persuasive speaking. With IMproSolutions™ you will discover the true colors of your unique personality. Our goal is to increase your confidence and creativity by further developing your public speaking technique.

“After applying this process to your everyday life you’ll find your inner voice and transform your presentations so you can make an informative speech.”

Hong-Kong-Exchanges-300x225IMproSolutions™ realizes that becoming a better presenter takes time and practice. Our method, explained in our videos, workbooks, audiobooks, and eBooks, is effective for anyone who trembles at the thought of speaking in public. Our course its fun, simple, and highly-effective. IMproSolutions™ programs have directly impacted the lives of nearly 200,000 people around the world. IMproSolutions™ best-selling videos, workbooks, audio programs, and eBooks are constantly updated, and refined through more than twenty years of real-life experiences.

If you are looking for results to your public speaking challenges, than you have found the right program to sharpen your skills and improve your performance and confidence. Let’s face facts, EVERYONE at one point in their lives will be called upon to make a speech.

Scott Topper
Creator of IMproSolutions

Scott-Before-the-BIG-DJ-Show-300x200Born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Cherry Hill, N.J., Scott majored in Broadcast Journalism and Theatre Arts, B.A., Rutgers University. Scott spent most of his High School and College days moonlighting as “Big-Shot,” mascot of the Philadelphia 76ers, and as “Phillie Phanatic,” mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies. In 1991, Scott hosted “American Top-40 On-tour,” a two year, 50 city U.S. excursion for ABC Radio Networks. In 1993, Scott became show host, producer, and writer of “Topper’s Clubhouse,” an educational TV Show for FOX Kids. Scott earned three Emmy nominations as Show Host, starring in over 65 half-hour episodes.

In 1997, Scott befriended Rupert Murdoch’s attorney who moved him from the East coast to sunny Santa Barbara, CA. In 1999 Scott created IMpro Solutions and founded “Troupe du Jour,” a musical improv comedy team that performed throughout Southern California. Committed to helping others become better public speakers, Scott has offices in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Scott’s IMpro Solutions method is effective for teachers, CEO’s, sales managers, and anyone else who trembles at the thought of speaking in public.

LIFE_ScottTopperRooney22-300x231Mr. Topper later worked as an entertainment reporter and weatherman for FOX 11 News. While studying improvisational comedy at the Groundlings in Los Angeles, Scott became reality Field Producer for MTV’s dating show “Taildaters,” and was show runner for MTV’s hidden-camera style reality show “Burned.”

A consummate entertainer, Scott co-hosted “The Local Show” with Cheryl Ladd from Charlie’s Angels, hosted “Way Back Weekends” radio program for Cumulus Broadcasting, played an alien “Kantare” guard for Paramount TV’s Star Trek: DS9, and co-starred in “Hypnotalk” on E! Entertainment TV. Scott was recruited by Twentieth Century Fox in 2007 to play the nationwide touring role of “Night Guard Scott,” promoting the DVD release of “Night at the Museum” starring Mickey Rooney, Robin Williams, and Ben Stiller.

Scott realized early in his career that speaking in public was challenging. Scott’s speaking courses have helped people around the world to develop their speaking skill quickly and easily. His presentation skills courses were perfected to help individuals overcome public speaking fear. Public speaking skill training will give you the confidence you need when it comes time for you to make public speaking presentations. Experiencing speaking skills training by an experienced professional will help you with overcoming public speaking fear. Scott’s presentation skills training program will teach you how to give a speech with confidence. Persuasive speaking and the ability to make an informative speech can be developed over time. If you need to make a speech such as a graduation speech or a best man speech or just want to overcome fear of public speaking and learn more about public speaking than Scott’s program is just right for you! Take the first step to make a persuasive speech and better your listening skills with confidence.

Scott Topper recently played the nationwide touring role of “Night Guard Scott,” promoting the DVD release of 20th Century Fox’s “Night at the Museum” feature film with Mickey Rooney, Ben Stiller, and Robin Williams. The “T-Rex Trek Tour” travelled for 7 days across the United States from New York City to Los Angeles, stopping in ten cities along the way! In this clip you can see Night Guard Scott throwing out the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals Baseball Game. Mr. Topper appeared on numerous TV shows as a Gilbert Gottfried comedic impersonator. As Entertainment Reporter at FOX 11 KKFX-TV, Scott interviewed Academy Award nominee and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg, stand-up comedian Paula Poundstone, Emmy Award actress Lily Tomlin, and actor Danny DeVito.

As Show Host of “Topper’s Clubhouse” on FOX Kids, Scott interviewed actor Elijah Wood, better known as Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and “All My Children” soap opera star Kelly Ripa (co-host of Live with Regis and Kelly). You’ll also see highlights of Mr. Topper as Host of the Kids Show “Petcha Didn’t Know,” and his wacky portrayal of life as a stuntman at Universal Studios Florida.


Public Speaking Expert Scott Topper is a Three-time Emmy Nominee and a member of Meeting Professionals International, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and International Special Events Society.

5.0 out of 5 stars Valuable Resource!, February 20, 2013 By Jesse Beason Amazon Verified Purchase
“The combination of the Workbook & the 1 hour DVD worked perfectly for me to create a wonderful public speaking course that I was able to study for on my own time. It really gave me the tools and confidence I needed to be able to make more efficient and comprehensive presentations at work. The workbook and DVD together is an excellent source for the first time presenter.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Very helpful for everyone!, January 28, 2013 By Butterflye Amazon Verified Purchase
“I found this DVD – workbook combo to be an excellent investment. I liked having the hard copy workbook in addition to the DVD because I learn better when I can watch and also read the tips. The exercises are clearly demonstrated and offer lots of ways to master public speaking. I don’t speak professionally but do interact with many different people in my career as a graduate advisor at a major university. Being able to communicate well allows me to do my job better, and this tutorial has improved my abilities beyond my expectations! I highly recommend it.”

Meet our Marketing, Research, and Writing Team

Matilda-BjornekMatilda Bjornek – Writer International and Marketing
Matilda Bjornek enjoys being on the IMproSolutions writing and marketing team. We found her after she gave a compelling graduation speech. Born and raised in Lund, Southern Sweden, she enjoys discovering new cultures and strives to improve her English by taking proven speaking courses. Matilda loves being around people, enjoys a good challenge, and welcomes competition so she can improve her speaking skill. She is goal oriented as Matilda was a track and field athlete for many years. For two years she served as a sales person and demonstrator for Lundachark sausage company in Lund, Sweden. She’s also worked as a telephone operator for Lund University Hospital. Matilda understands the importance of excellent customer service and she would love to see everyone overcome their fear of public speaking.

AndreasJohanAndreas Danielsson – Writer International and Marketing
Andreas resides in Malmö, Sweden and has past job experience for the European international electric company Eon and the British clothing company Next where he was a part of the sales department. Andreas is an International Marketing guru who enjoys connecting with people and exchanging new ideas, especially when it comes to taking presentation skills courses. We discovered his speaking abilities after he delivered an amazing best man speech. Overcoming public speaking fear was his biggest challenge and now he enjoys speaking in public! Andreas enjoys a nice day at the beach and is also a big fan of hockey, traveling, and cooking.

CeciliaJanssonCecilia Jansson – Writer International and Marketing Research
Cecilia Jansson was born and raised in Sweden. For the past two years she has really enjoyed presentation speaking, scuba diving, and learning everything about public speaking. If she could be anyone in the world she’d like to be a mermaid. Seeing as breathing air is important to sustaining life, she instead enjoys spending time with friends and practices her listening skills while making fine conversation with coffee in hand. Cecilia believes in Murphy’s law. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. With that in mind, she rarely becomes disappointed when something goes wrong, but is very happy when she is proved otherwise. She believes in the good of mankind and remains hopeful that someday we could co-exist on the same planet without fighting.

CarolineBlomquistCaroline Blomquist – Writer International and Marketing Research
Caroline hails from Sollentuna, Sweden, just outside of Stockholm. She’s worked as a substitute teacher, a cashier, and as an office assistant at Svensk Handel Försäkringar in Stockholm. Most of her childhood was spent outdoors, playing soccer and games. She has two older sisters, Linda, a nurse, and Malin the economist. Caroline studied micro economics at Stockholm University. She has traveled to more than twelve countries. She enjoys eating good food, playing floor ball, working out, watching stand-up comedy and shopping. Her goal is to become a terrific motivational speaker and share her public speaking skill with the world.

Scott is also passionate about cycling and fitness. As an entertainment industry expert, Scott’s goal is to empower you to achieve success in your personal and professional life.
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At IMproSolutions we are passionate about helping you to overcome fear of public speaking. With courses in public speaking, including presentation skills courses, speaking and presentation skills training, and speaking skill tips. Read about our public speaking program from Author and Public Speaking Expert Scott Topper, a three-time Emmy-nominated television show host, professional actor and speaker.



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At IMproSolutions, we are passionate about helping you to overcome fear of public speaking. With courses in public speaking, including presentation skills courses, speaking and presentation skills training, and speaking skill tips. Read about our public speaking program from public speaking expert Scott Topper, a three-time Emmy-nominated television show host, professional actor and speaker.