"act of speaking"The act of speaking in public can be frightening for many people. Speech anxiety is very common and can range from slight nervousness to panic attacks, difficulty breathing, and paralyzing fear. Everyone has to deal with public speaking fear on some level. For professional speakers, fear is like a drug that they feed off. They have learned to embrace their fear and use it as a catalyst for improvement.

Is It Possible to Conquer Public Speaking Fear?

If giving a speech makes you feel anxious, join the club! Millions of people from all around the world are terrified by the thought of speaking in public. This is a common source of stress for everyone. The good news is that once you learn to overcome your fear, you’ll actually enjoy giving speeches. Mastering the art of speaking in public has many advantages, including:

• Increasing your self esteem and confidence
• Generating exposure for your business
• Building your image
• Motivating your audience to take action
• Persuading people to agree with your point of view

Public speaking is crucial to your career. Whether you want a better job or you simply wish to communicate more effectively, it’s essential to conquer public speaking fear. Try to determine what you’re afraid of. Find the causes of your fear. Do you think that people will make fun of you or criticize your speech? Are you afraid that you’ll feel like a fool? Are you afraid that your speech won’t be perfect? Stop analyzing things and focus on your message. After all, your goal is to inspire and help people. Fear will keep you awake and improve your focus.

Getting Started

Before your speech, make sure you have everything ready. Gather information about your audience, prepare visual aids, and dress accordingly. Just be yourself and let your fears go. The act of speaking reveals the personality, attitude, and knowledge if the speaker as well as his communication skills and his ability to focus. Arm yourself with knowledge and prepare your speech ahead of time. The more you practice, the less afraid you will be.

Every time you’re feeling anxious, think about how many great thing you know and how you can help others improve their lives. If you are able to tell your story, you could change somebody’s life. Present yourself as an expert and show confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, others won’t do it either. Listen to the audience, interact with them, and focus on their needs.

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