"steve ballmer speech"Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer was given a rock stars reception when he took to the stage to make a farewell speech to his co workers which included plenty of tears and the usual showmanship that he has become associated with in giving important speeches to the company.

Recently Steve Ballmer announced that he would be stepping down as the boss of Microsoft within 12 months and the hastily put together farewell speech  has been put down to the fact that perhaps it was less his own choice to leave at this point than that of others in the company.

On stage Steve Ballmer paced around while trying to hold back the tears as he told the arena of co workers “You work or the greatest company in the world soak it in!”

He added: “Microsoft is like a fourth child to me,  Children leave the house.  In this case, I guess I am leaving the house.”

Steve Ballmer joined Microsoft as its 30th employee back in 1980 after he shared halls with Bill Gates back in college.  He has been the chief executive of the company since Bill Gates gave up his position in 2000 and Microsoft has been busy trying to find a suitable replacement wither from within the company of from outside, to take up the highly prestigious role.

The speech was made in the Seattle Key Arena, more normally associated with rock concerts and sporting events but Steve Ballmer is known for his on stage flamboyance and managed to hold the stage well while wearing a bright yellow t shirt for the event.

On leaving the stage he was accompanied by the song (I have had) The Time Of My Life, made famous for being on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

He said with tears in his eyes: “My last song is one I have always wanted to use, but always deemed inappropriate – it’s a great song!

“It is from one of my favourite movies, one of my favourite songs…a song that talks about what you have meant to me and what you have done for me.  You have made this the time of my life.”

During his time at the head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer oversaw successful products such as Windows XP and he is reported to be worth an amazing $18 billion, however in recent years Microsoft has struggled to keep up with companies such as Apple and will be looking to expand in new directions in the future.

The use of music in the Steve Ballmer speech shows how a well timed and thoughtfully chosen piece of music can have a great impact on a speech.


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