"ways to get over public speaking fear"According to national surveys, public speaking fear or glossophobia affects as much as 85 percent of the population. Even though there is no magic formula for conquering this fear, you can become more confident and improve your skills in a few simple steps. The firs thing you should do is to analyze your feelings and determine the root causes of your problem. Health experts claim that our physiological symptoms combined with irrational fears often feed on each other, which increases anxiety. It’s a vicious circle that can ruin your career as a speaker and stop you from reaching your maximum potential.

Here are five ways to get over your fear of public speaking:

Focus on Communicating Your Message

Focus on communicating information rather than trying to eliminate nervousness. Stop thinking about your fears. Remember why you’re there in the first place: to get your message across and share information. Put anxiety to good use and find your speaking style.

Expose Yourself Gradually

Look for public speaking events to expose yourself to mild levels of anxiety that challenge your ability to succeed. Gradual exposure and preparation can help you overcome speech anxiety. Make sure you are thoroughly prepared. Before making a speech, practice in front of your friends and ask for feedback.

Talk to the Audience as Friends

Imagine that the audience members are your friends. Look at each of them and make eye contact. Remember that your goal is to inform them and provide a solution to their needs. Many times you do the same with your friends. Use a friendly tone and talk to one person at a time.

Stop Thinking about Your Mistakes

Whether you make a speech, attend a business meeting, or present a project to your boss, you should never expect it to be perfect. Do your best without judging yourself or feeling that everything has to be perfect. Not even the most experienced speakers can do everything by the book. Something will go wrong sooner or later. Accept this and don’t let it distract you. Keep speaking to the audience and act like nothing happened.

Enjoy the Moment

Determine why this public speaking opportunity makes you happy. What are the benefits? Are you going to gain recognition, launch a new product, or advance in career? What about the topic you’re speaking about? Try to enjoy the moment and see the positive side of things. Don’t let fear ruin your joy and enthusiasm!

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