"successful speakers"Successful speakers know how to connect with the audience and get their message across. They master the art of communication what everyone else is thinking. Whether you’re a CEO, a sales person, or an entrepreneur, you can learn from the world’s greatest speakers. As you improve your public speaking skills, you will be able to help people believe in themselves and change their life for the better.

Here are five things successful speakers do better than anyone else:

They Have Excellent Communication Skills

A good speaker is able to communicate ideas and make them stick. He connects with people at a personal level, helping them achieve their goals. They are talking directly to the audience as if they were engaged in a conversation.

They Make People Feel Good

Most people will forget your speech. That’s the harsh truth. They won’t remember stats and figures unless they take notes. What they will remember is the way you made them feel. Your role is to create an environment where people can be the best they can be. Your audience should leave the room feeling that they’ve learned something valuable. Your speech should inspire and motivate the audience.

They Listen to the Audience

A good listener is always a good speaker. You won’t be able to connect with the audience if you don’t know what their needs are. Effective communication requires paying attention to people’s needs. Analyze the audience during your speech. Do they look bored? Are they smiling? Ask questions and engage people in a conversation. You should always request feedback from your audience.

They Have a Special Message to Deliver

The most influential speakers have something special to say. They speak from personal experience and share real life stories that engage and motivate people. Personal stories are easy to relate to and have the greatest impact on your audience. If you want to become a good speaker, come up with something new. Make the mundane interesting. Try to make people see things from a different perspective.

They Are Able to Persuade People

Successful speakers have the ability to persuade people and make them take action. If they couldn’t persuade the audience to buy their books, read their blogs, and listen to their speeches, they wouldn’t have much power. Your success as a public speaker lies in your ability to influence the audience. Some speakers have the innate ability to persuade people, while others need years of practice.

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